If you’re reading this blog then you probably have an interest in science, and you should, because science is amazing. Take a second and look around you; everything you see can be understood through science. From the things that mankind has created, like your computer and the internet that allow you to read this, to the wonders of nature and the universe in which we live. Science is not a physical thing, but rather a way of thinking and investigating that allows us to understand…well…anything. We can then use that understanding to progress. We can make incredible machines, cure horrendous diseases and learn about the processes and motivations that drive everything, including ourselves.

There is, of course, a dark side to the knowledge that we gain through science. Some people blame science for things like nuclear weapons, but as I have said, science is not a physical thing, science cannot be blamed, only people. Scientific discoveries have often been used unwisely or even cruelly; but just as science has been used to do wrong, it can also be used to fix and improve. The more people who understand science, the more people there are to object to its misuse.

With this blog I hope to present some of the ways science is being used today and to show some of its discoveries. My background is in the biological sciences so I apologies if my posts are biased towards this area but hopefully, whether I am writing about proteins or protons, I can interest you and encourage you to look for further information. I hope you like the blog, but more importantly, I hope you love science.


“There’s poetry in the real world; science is the poetry of reality” – Richard Dawkins



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